How to Get Ready for College According to David Charlow



Parents and high school students alike usually feel anxious when thinking about college preparation. On the student’s part, this kind of preparation means a lot of time to be used in looking for the best school, and time for finishing the entire required entrance exam. Even before that, there are preparations needed to be done such as making sure a student meets the required average so he or she can qualify to apply in a certain University. On the parents’ part, college preparation means thinking of all the possible expenses to be incurred during a child’s entire college life. The good news is, according to a renowned college planning consultant, David Charlow, preparing for college education is not as difficult as it seems.


The key to success in preparing for college education is by jump-starting the process as much as possible. Some smart parents would start a college fund right after they had their first child. This is beneficial as it reduces anxiety, as well as assists both parents and students in feeling more prepared on the upcoming changes they will encounter during college life. When you have a college fund set up for your child, he or she won’t have to worry about how the family will pay for his or her education. This will also give your child more freedom in choosing the school that he or she wants to go to, without thinking about budget. It also reduces stress and hassle later on, as you, as a parent, won’t always have to worry where you’ll get money to pay for tuition.

To start off, the student should decide what course he or she wants to pursue. Though it is advisable for parents to offer their opinion on their child’s choice of course, the final decision should still go to the student. Some of those who end up failing in their college education blame their parents for making this decision for them.


Students can take practice tests even before taking actual college exams. It will give the students the chance to familiarize the exam questions, as well as the types of exams early on. Before going to the school for the actual college application, it is best to know the process well beforehand. Some schools have websites which provides information on the enrolment process. Educating on the steps will help you save time when you finally begin the enrolment procedures.


At this point, the student should already have a clear idea of what course and majors he want to pursue, as well as the specific university he want to enrol in. It is a fact that enrolling for a college degree can be financially challenging at times. Therefore, a student can also think of availing a scholarship which can provide at least a little bit of help, if not a full one. As David Charlow also advises, parents can also avail of a college education plan as early as possible in order to avoid financial difficulties later on, when their children already start studying in college.