Preparing for College


Preparing for college is one of the most important and incredibly stressful moments in young adult life. But there are steps that you can take to make the transition from high school to college much easier. College is all about turning young adults into young professionals, so you must first think of how you want to be seen by your prospective college. You may have already thought out your classes needed or your G.P.A, but there are many other factors in which a college considers before accepting potential students.

Though it may be a surprise, some colleges have considered searching potential students on the internet. This means that your potential college may have access to your online social network activity, depending on the college. Much like potential jobs, you should definitely consider editing your social presence to be suitable to the outside world. Though this does come as a surprise to many people, it’s also important in the professional world, as well. When you’re working for someone, you are somewhat of a representative of that company, so you should be thoughtful when it comes to your online presence.

Another thing you should consider when it comes to your getting into your dream college is your essay. Many colleges require an entrance essay, which is to show how well you can write, and if you’re the right person for this college. College entrance essays can be a range of different topics,  most of which you can pick yourself. This is where you write about what makes you different, and what makes you a good pick for this college. You should be honest and thoughtful in your research.

Lastly, there is often an interview portion of colleges, where you have a meeting with people who will be on the board of deciding whether to accept you or not. Though there are many ways to make an impression, you should make sure that you come off intelligent and respectable. You should make a good first impression, and remember to dress well. Try shopping at Jos A. Bank for a casual cool, yet professional look to wear to your interview. You should be confident and knowledgeable and dress well, and you should be sure to make the right impression on the college you want.