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Have you recently completed your MBA? Are you looking for an executive job? Are you tired of submitting of CVs to recruiting agency and feel agitated when they do not reply you back? Well, then there is an answer to all your questions. All you need to do is to get registered on Ivy Exec. This company shares the credit of being the best recruiter in the US. With the help of this company, many eligible graduates, MBAs and PhDs got their dream jobs. It does not matter where you are located. If you believe that you deserve a good chance and a well-paid job, and then become of the member of the most searched recruiter in the US.

Ivy Exec came into existence as a result of an experimental company, opened by some alumni of the Columbian Business School in 2006. From that day onward, with their hard work, they made this small experiment into one big recruiter, where every MBA student wishes to register. This company has more than 180,000 members, of which most of them are MBAs, PhDs or Executives looking for a better job. This company takes the process of recruitment very seriously. They use special screening test to make sure that only the best possible candidates are selected. They make sure that the employers get to interview the ideal candidates. The company is also working in conjunction with many other employers and companies that could help to zero in on the best of the students and pass outs in the market.

Ivy Exec is actually more than just a recruitment company. If you go on to their websites, there is a lot of material available there regarding the job search. There are articles on how to make your resume more presentable. How to prepare for interviews and what to ask in there? There are articles on the blog of the company, where you can read testimonies of the members who are now leading a successful life. You have the option of becoming a regular member for free, as well as a paid member. The paid member or the exclusive member gets additional help from the company regarding the job search.