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Work placement is a period of supervised work in which college or university students have the opportunity to experience working in a particular role with a company. Most times students are placed on roles that are relevant to their discipline; this will enable them to have the requisite experience and skills that will help them to be competitive in the labor market. The major challenge that school leavers and graduate face in the labour market is the fact that employers want to see relevant work experience before employing them, completely disregarding the quality of essays they’ve written or assignments they’ve done. This is what necessitated the need for student work placement. However, despite the benefits student work placement have offered over the years, it still has some pitfalls. Based on experience helping students some of these pit falls are:

  • Poor student/supervisor relationship: This is one of the pitfalls of student work placement. Sometimes, students undergoing work placement activities are being mentored and closely monitored by a supervisor. There are instances where these supervisors are very aggressive and make the work environment in-conducive for them to work. With this, most students will end up learning nothing.
  • Inexperience: Another pitfall of student work placement is the fact that most of the students that are undergoing work placement are inexperience. It takes serious mentoring and close supervision to be able to inculcate in them the skills and technique that will enable them successful on the job. There are instances where they got scolded sometimes this discourage them to continue the work placement as they will start developing low self-esteem.
  • Inadequate safety measures – It is often inscribed at the entrance of most company “safety first” but for a student on placement this is not the same. This is a worst case scenario any student on work placement could encounter. Students are often exposed to hazardous environment and conditions which could lead to injury or possible death of a student. Unlike the workers that are experience, students do not have this expertise and are always at risk of danger.
  • No hope of being employed – Ordinarily, student work placement could be an opportunity for students to gain full employment into blue chips organization. However, most organizations have failed to do this in recent time. This is why most students on work placement do not put more efforts during their placement year, this is because they always assume that at the end the may not be absorbed fully into the company.
  • Work slavery –This is a common pitfall that is affecting student work placement in the today’s society. Most organizations tend to subject students on placement to slavery by making them do extra tasks that are beyond their ability.

Student work placement is a great achievement to the society and individual at large. However, employers should give students on placement more comfort so that the best of them can be harnessed.