Success Tips for College Freshmen


Are you about to head off to your freshman year in college this fall? Congratulations to you and all the hard work that you completed to get to this point in your academic career. College is an exciting time filled with both excitement and no doubt a mix of nerves and trepidations. Just remind yourself that there are loads of other freshmen on campus with the same concerns and insecurities as you’re feeling. Follow these basic strategies from the college admissions counselors and successful seniors to ensure your freshmen year is all that it can be!

If you’re heading to a dorm room, this may well be the first time you’ll be living on your own. Reach out to your assigned roommate via social media or a phone call and connect. If distances permit, arrange to meet over the summer. Discuss who will bring which shared item for the dorm room. Space is at a premium in most dorm rooms, so you will need to pack wisely. Check with the university housing office to determine if there are any restrictions on electronics or other items that are not allowed in the dorm rooms.

Keep your packing to the bare necessities. If you’re a clothes horse, don’t feel compelled to take every item in your closet at home. Campuses tend to be pretty casual places – not unlike high school campuses. Select your bedding and bath needs for the dorm room. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and snag a beadryl coupon as you’re stomach and nerves will surely go through a transition with the food choices in most cafeterias.

Reach out to fellow students in your class. It’s always an advantage to have at least one welcoming face as you enter a classroom. Connect with your professors the first week of classes during their office hours. Should you need additional assistance with course work during the semester, you’ll appreciate having taken the initiative to develop a rapport with them early on.  Know that the professors and resource centers all want you to succeed.

One of the most challenging things for most college freshmen is time management. With so many activities and events occurring nearly non-stop on campus, it takes a great deal of discipline to commit to a consistent study schedule. Carve out at least three hours each day for study time. This is, after all, the reason you’re in college. Finally, be open-minded about new people, new ideas, and new experiences to truly make the most out of your years on campus. Best of luck to you!