Time Management in College


When it comes to higher education, it can be a real challenge. While we all know that college is a step up in difficulty from high school, we don’t often know what that entails, and the actual college experience can be difficult in surprising ways. For example, one element of the experience that presents a problem to many college students is time management. The number of assignments that must be completed is manageable, but you have to ready to determine the right pacing for yourself to be able to get it all done, for example, and that can be tough. Therefore, you can find yourself with a deficit of time, a surplus of work, or both. Here are some tips to get a handle on time management in college.

First and foremost, you need to make yourself a work schedule. Making a schedule for yourself can help you more easily fit everything into your day without forgetting anything or losing time. So, you’ll want to buy a planner and first fill in all of your work assignments, leaving room for sleeping, eating, etc., as well as classes, for the week. Then, you can go back in add other, less important things. For example, you can schedule trips to 24 Hour Fitness and some time to just relax for mental health purposes.

Another important element of time management in college is avoiding distraction. This is where the on campus library comes in. It can be tempting and freeing to just go to your dorm or apartment as soon as classes are over for the day, or even between classes, but going to the library will be good for your work flow. The school library will have more restricted internet access and less privacy, so there’s less to to distract from doing the work you’ve set out to do, and the faster you get it done, the faster you get to leave, so there’s an extra motivator, as well. This is a great way to study or work on assignments for these reasons.


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