Top ranked Pharmacy college in U.P.


IIMTU, College of pharmacy was established to set a benchmark in the field of Pharmaceutical Education, Since then we have a placement record more than 80%. The teaching techniques adopted by the college aim at laying a strong foundation for the students. We believe that finding a balance between theoretical and practical exposure is very important and a combination of both is necessary to give education, a professional touch. In this era of competition, it is the degree as well as the exposure to different industrial operations that matters. The well-equipped infrastructure at IIMTU University, with ready access for students, fulfills this need. The institution has D Pharm, B Pharm and M Pharm in two subjects i.e. Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and Pharmaceutics along with Ph.D. program.

IIMTU University recognises the importance of providing world-class facilities in various areas of professional education. The Institute of Pharmaceutical Research stands tall with strong Ideologies and philosophies that are deeply carved out and put into use, keeping in mind the needs of the professional world. The infrastructure of IIMTU has been designed to cater to the needs of the graduates and help them develop exceptional skills required to face the challenges in the professional world. College of Pharmacy located in the IIMTU University campus, is designed to be self-reliant with all the basic amenities and resources at its disposal. The institute’s aim is to take IIMTU to greater heights by enhancing its image across the state and then across the country a whole. Various training programmes have been introduced at IIMTU, focusing on acquainting the graduates with the modern concepts and techniques of all the branches of Pharmaceutical Science. A perfectly conducive learning atmosphere is maintained on the campus, suiting the requirements of contemporary professional surroundings. The faculty members at the institute are a perfect blend of wisdom, experience and expertise and have demonstrated their capabilities in their academic endeavors. Our integrated system of learning balances the traditional and conventional methods of teaching by combining formal lectures and practical classes with audio-visuals and computer assisted learning aids. In-house faculty members as well as trainers from various academic centers and consultancy firms emphasize equally on communication and behavioral aspects of teaching.

IIMTU, College of pharmacy is best pharmacy college in U.P. provides facilities like easily accessible book bank, internet, and DEL-NET are available to all the students.

The laboratories at IIMTU are centers of learning to develop individuals and their skill sets. The laboratories at IIMTU consist of all the latest equipments and software required for practical as well as the College has developed a medicinal garden, which is an ancillary to Pharmacognosy laboratory. Students have easy access to various medicinal plants (which can easily be grown in the climate of Meerut) to conduct their experiments on. In this era of herbal formulation and therapy, it has become a necessity to provide the students with suitable herbal gardens to make them acquainted with plants and thereby generate their interest in the subject.eoretical learning

IIMTU, College of pharmacy is running postgraduate programmes in Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry is best pharmacy college in U.P. The University is also running PhD programmes in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmaceutics.