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RPA is a technological marvel used by enterprises to automate their tasks. In this blog, you will learn the use of RPA and Blue Prism tools.

Introduction to RPA

Robotics Process Automation methodology helps to perform various tasks without any intervention. RPA doesn’t include actual robots, the RPA tools provide run-time environments and set of libraries for automating business processes.

RPA Tools

There are lots of tools available in today’s RPA market. Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, RPA, and UiPath are the topmost tool used in many fields.

Define RPA Blue Prism?

Blue Prism is an RPA tool that holds the virtual workforce capability. Drag and drop functionalities are available in this tool. It helps enterprises to automate their businesses in a cost-effective manner. This technology depends on the Java Programming language

Features of Blue Prism

Robust: It has end-to-end auditing, load balancing, and data encryption features.

Scalable & Resilient: It supports scalability management. All the processes are monitored and automated as per the need.

Secure & Accurate: Blue Prism delivers accurate results with this feature.

Analytics: Provides additional features to configure dashboards. Session information is redirected to system monitoring.

Data Abstraction and Data Security: Blue Prism tool is designed to work autonomously.  This provides high security and well-defined data abstraction.

Execution Intelligence: Robots easily connect to the systems and respond dynamically in multiple environments.

Provide Cloud Support: With Cloud support business professionals can manage their data securely.

Blue Prism Components

  1. Process Studio
  2. Application Modeller
  3. Object Studio
  4. Process Diagram

Companies prefer Blue Prism

There are lots of companies prefer Blue Prism to automate their business. Accenture, IBM, Deloitte, Cognizant, and Genpact companies are using Blue Prism.

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