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Do Massage Therapy Help With A Sleeping Disorder-compressed

All of us need healthy sleep for both our physical and emotional well-being. A protracted pattern of poor sleep has been linked to a number of chronic ailments, including heart disease, diabetes, and depression, according to research. In addition to impairing general mental stability, attention, and concentration.

Unfortunately, 50 to 70 million people battle with insomnia, which is characterised as having trouble going asleep or staying asleep. When someone has had insomnia every night (or almost every night) for at least six months, they are said to have chronic insomnia. Medical specialists can assist in determining the underlying cause of insomnia, about 50% of chronic cases have no known reason. Instead of going with medications, you can try out a massage therapy. It is also a kind of treatment that will help you in improving your health. To know Do massage therapy help with a sleeping disorder, read this blog further. You can get your Massage in Chennai at Le Bliss Spa.

How do massages help in promoting sleep?

The brain’s chemical serotonin is produced more by massage, which helps fight insomnia. Serotonin is thought to be the primary chemical used by the part of the brain that helps the body fall asleep deeply. Melatonin is also created by the brain from serotonin.

The hormone melatonin instructs the brain to “slow down” and get ready for sleep. According to other studies, massage causes an increase in delta waves, the brain waves that are most intense while a person is sleeping deeply. Enter the best Massage Spa Near Me and get your body massage. 

How often should I get a massage?

The suggested length of massage therapy varies significantly depending on the demands of the patient and any co-occurring conditions. The majority of trials were carried out over a period of 3 to 13 weeks, with sessions typically lasting 30 minutes and occurring twice per week. After just one session, many people claim to have seen positive benefits.

Before committing to a particular treatment, it is crucial to seek the counsel of a healthcare practitioner because insomnia can have a variety of causes for onset.

Many medical facilities now have licenced massage therapists on staff, in part because there is growing evidence of the therapeutic value of massage. This makes it more likely that the therapist will communicate with the patient’s medical professionals while also assisting patients in finding a therapist.

Best Massages for Insomnia

Know the Top Massage Spa in Chennai and book your appointment now!.  Some of the massage for sleep problems are listed below:

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy cannot treat insomnia entirely or its underlying causes, but utilising calming and relaxing essential oils prior to bedtime may help you sleep longer and fall asleep more quickly. In order to discuss your problem and receive therapy for the underlying cause of your insomnia, you should consult your doctor or another trained health expert if you have a persistent, severe sleep disturbance. This is the best massage for insomnia. Some of the techniques in aromatherapy are used in Couple massage. If you are intended in getting a  Couple Massage in Chennai enter Le Bliss Spa. 

Swedish Massage

One of the most popular massage styles is the Swedish Massage. It is done to provide the body with a boost and enhance general health. The techniques used in this sort of massage include rolling, kneading, vibrating, tapping, and percussion. Skin protection against friction is provided by massage oil or lotion. The techniques used in this massage will promote the secretion of happy hormones that will enhance sleeping. Enter the best Massage Spa in Velachery, and book your Swedish massage now!.

Thai Massage

Thai massage relaxes the entire body by applying light pressure and stretching techniques. This is a time-honoured method of healing that was developed in India. It goes back between 2,500 and 7,000 years. Apart from Thai, reflexology for insomnia is also prefered.

Thai massage practitioners utilise a totally different technique compared to other massages. The therapist will ask you to lie on the floor and actively engages in the massage, as opposed to passively receiving a Swedish or shiatsu massage while lying on a bed. This massage will improve the blood circulation throughout the body so that all the internal organs will function with sufficient blood supply.  Get your Thai Massage Spa in Anna Nagar and get all these benefits. 

Balinese Massage

A full-body, deep-tissue, holistic therapy is a Balinese massage. Traditional Balinese massage stimulates the movement of blood, oxygen, and “qi” (energy) around your body. This massage promotes deep relaxation by combining mild stretches, acupressure, reflexology, and aromatherapy. The scents of essential oils are blended with a range of techniques used in Balinese massage, such as skin rolling, kneading and stroking, and stimulation of pressure points. The essential oils used in this massage will help in better sleep. In conclusion massage for sleep, is one of the best options. 

In this blog, we have discussed the massages that help in promoting better sleep. If you are looking for a Massage Centre in Velachery, then enter Le Bliss Spa. They offer all kinds of spa and massage services.

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