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Strategies for free Website Hosting on AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud computing platform that provides low-cost computing, machine learning, and cloud hosting plans services to businesses, consumers, and governments. It is a cloud platform where people can purchase a portion of enormous computer servers and data centres. Amazon provides web hosting, application hosting, storage hosting, and data network services, in contrast to other kinds of hosting. It is one of the largest cloud infrastructures, with some well-organized companies, such as Netflix, utilizing its services. In this article, we will speak about basic Strategies for free Website Hosting On AWS. Before hosting a website, you must be familiar with the fundamentals of AWS. By undergoing the AWS Training In Bangalore, you will learn more about AWS and be able to host your website independently.

Free Website Hosting Strategies for AWS:

  • First Step:

The main thing you should know is that you’re not able to save your files in S3 by dropping them from your desktop. You must establish a bucket and storage in which to keep your data. You can build up to 100 buckets, according to Amazon instructions. The buckets can be named in three sections separated by dots, for example, 123456789. This name provides the S3 bucket’s account ID. Buckets are just folders. You can name the location where your data will be stored for an S3 service.

  • Second Step:

It is totally up to you how you configure your bucket. However, you can choose to keep it confidential by selecting that option. This will keep your data safe and out of the clutches of those who might benefit from it. You can additionally give the public access by using. Join the AWS Course In Marathahalli to have a deeper understanding of AWS.

  • Third Step:

After formatting, you can publish your site on a professional web hosting provider. You can undertake this task so that your material can be indexed and shared. It is also simple to locate. AWS redirects you to the index. You can also finish the registration procedure for a web address.

  • Fourth Step:

This is how to set up a static web host account to maintain your website. To get started, select the first option for a short overview. To ensure that you’re utilizing the fixed web host endpoint, select the second option. You’ll be prompted by Amazon to install and configure a development platform.

This is how you can host a free website on the AWS platform.


I hope you have understood the Strategies For Free Website Hosting On AWS. AWS would aid individuals in rapidly developing their companies at a reasonable cost. The first step towards a job as a developer is to master AWS. Many Coaching Centres In Bangalore provide this course with certification and job placement. If you want to learn more about AWS, you can enrol in the best AWS Training Institutes In Bangalore, which can assist you in your professional advancement.

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