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Robot Framework Test Automation Training In Chennai

Robot Framework is an open-source framework for automated testing used in acceptance testing and test-driven development. The writing of test cases adheres to many test case report approaches, including keyword-driven, behaviour-driven, and data-driven. This characteristic makes it very simple to comprehend. The writing of test cases is done in a tabular manner with a keyword style. The open source, external libraries, and automation tools supported by Robot Framework are high quality. Selenium Library, used for UI testing and web development, is the most popular library used with Robot Framework.To know more about robot frameworks join Robot Framework Test Automation Training In Chennai at FITA Academy.

Features of the robot framework are:

1)Tabular format:

The test cases in the Robot framework is defined in a straightforward tabular manner using keywords. A novice developer can easily comprehend and create test cases.


Built-in keywords for the Robot Framework are also available from other libraries, such as the Selenium Library (open browser, close browser, maximise browser, etc.). Additionally, user-defined keywords can be made by combining built-in, library, and other user-defined keywords. The fact that we can pass arguments to those keywords transforms user-defined keywords into reusable methods.


Scalar, list, and dict variables can all be used with the robot framework. The robot framework’s variables are beneficial and straightforward when designing complex test cases.


The Robot framework supports numerous third-party libraries, including SeleniumLibrary, DatabaseLibrary, FTPLibrary, and HTTPLibrary. SeleniumLibrary mainly facilitates communication with browsers and aids in web application and UI testing. Also included in the Robot Framework are its built-in libraries for strings, dates, integers, and other data.


The robot framework now enables the import of robot files containing externally-sourced keywords for usage with test cases. When we need to use keywords that have already been written for other test projects, resources are beneficial and very simple to use.


I hope this blog is useful to know about the robot frameworks and its features.To know more about the robot frameworks join Robot Framework Online Training. Robot framework is an automation testing tool for the acceptance testing.