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What is Acceptance Test-driven Development in Robot framework?

Robot Framework is an acceptance test framework for web applications. It provides a set of tools to define powerful acceptance tests in Python, including record-playback tools, object libraries, and other features that allow you to create tests faster. Join Robot Framework Online Training to learn about Acceptance Test-driven Development in Robot framework.

Once you have written your code, you can then execute it in the same manner as any automated test framework. It can be done through manual execution or by adding triggers for specific events to automatically execute the Python code.

Functioning with Robot Framework

Robot Framework is an open-source test framework for web applications. There are many Robot Framework modules available for different programming languages.

Here are a few most useful and popular Robot Framework modules:

1 . Python 

2 . Ruby 

3 . Java 

4 . C# 

Record of Acceptance Test-driven Development in Robot framework

A few years ago, we had a lot of web applications and more than 50% of them failed (according to developers). These test cases were written semi-automatically. They are not bug-free. To make things worse, these tests were running manually in the application every time a new developer added a new feature or fixed defects.

Every developer added a bug to the system automatically and then it took 5 to10 minutes to run tests at the end of each day to check the system if there are any defects.

The process was not only time-consuming but furthermore, it was hard to maintain the quality of acceptance tests. The tool should be simple yet flexible and easy to use.

Robot Framework for Acceptance Testing

The first version of Robot Framework was published in December 2004. In the initial release, Robot Framework Tests were written only in Python. The main goal of this tool was to avoid long regression tests and gain productivity by using a simple-to-use test automation framework.

This kind of framework should be understandable by new developers without any training or experience. SkillsIon offers Robot Framework Online Training. For example, if someone needs to debug an application then the developer should know how the program works first. If it is possible to program the application with one line then testing must be easier than writing code!

Robot Framework is designed for acceptance testing and that’s why it has been implemented in Python or Java.

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