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What is C and Why is C Called a Middle-Level Language

C is one of the most popular computer languages nowadays because of its structure and high-level machine-independent language. It enables developers to create software without regard for the hardware platforms on which it will be deployed. It can be used to develop high-performance code for applications and system software. As a result, C is best suited for situations requiring speed, space, and portability. C is also used to write the majority of operating systems and gaming software. In this section, we will talk about What is C and why is C called a middle-level language. To learn more about C, join the C C++ Training in Chennai at FITA Academy, which offers the best certification training and support for placement to help with your career advancement.

Why is C Called a Middle-Level Language?

C is a middle-level language because it bridges the gap between machine and high-level languages. C language can be used for System Programming (writing operating systems) and Application Programming (generating menu-driven customer billing systems). 

The following characteristics distinguish the C programming language as a middle-level language.

  • Inline Assembly Language Program Support: The C programming language supports Inline Assembly Language Programs.
  • In C, Direct access to system registers is possible and uses inline assembly language features.
  • Memory access: The language is used to access memory via a pointer directly. This feature needs to be improved in high-level languages such as Java.
  • C is thought to be more user-friendly than previous or similar middle-level languages.


The C programming language’s core features describe its ability and uniqueness and how useful it can be in developing a website or software. Some of the key features of the C programming language are as follows:

Simple and Efficient

The basic syntax style for implementing C language is effortless and straightforward. This simplifies the language and allows a programmer to redesign or create a new application.

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Newer languages, such as Java and Python, provide more features than C, but their performance rate suffers due to additional processing in these languages. As a middle-level language, the C programming language allows programmers to manipulate computer hardware, whereas higher-level languages do not directly. That is one of the main reasons the C programming language is considered the best place to begin learning programming languages. Because statically typed languages are faster than dynamically typed languages.


Modularity refers to storing C programming language code in the form of libraries for future use. This programming language can only do so much on its own; the majority of its power is held by its libraries. C has its library to solve common problems.

Statically Type

The C programming language is statically typed. The variable type is checked during compilation but not at run time. Every time a programmer organises a program, they must specify the type of variables used.


I hope this blog helps you get some valuable information about what is C and why C called a middle-level language. Join the C Programming Classes in Coimbatore and acquire the core concepts of C C++ under professional mentors.

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