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How To Use Cucumber Effectively For BDD Automation?

In this fast-changing technology, Agile software plays the main role. It tests the manager’s test cases and test scripts to maintain the requirements. This blog gives an idea of how to use cucumber and selenium effectively for BDD automation. Learn this in detail at Cucumber BDD Online Training.

To describe software performance in a human-readable format, BDD Cucumber utilizes the Gherkin language. The BDD Cucumber automates user interactions with distinct parts of the application using the Selenium WebDriver. It is a great way to make sure the app works as intended. 

Behaviour Driven Development

BDD is the extension of Test Driven Development. It is similar to test-driven development, where the test is written, code is added. 

The test will be written in simple English, it is a kind of behavior application. It is a popular UI and Unit level case. Selenium can be used for the automation library.

Why is Cucumber chosen?

  • To run the automated acceptance tests in BDD format, Cucumber is used. The best tool to create the features is functional descriptions. 
  • A language that is widely used by all members of the team, including developers, testers, analysts, and customers.
  • Helps in connecting with the technical and non-technical teams.
  • BDD tests are formulated in a language that industry stakeholders can also understand, which allows for direct interaction with the developer’s code.
  • It is possible to automate acceptance tests, but it is also possible for stakeholders to perform them manually.

Improves Communication

In Cucumber BDD, automation tests are being created using business domain languages that can be understood by all members of the software development team. Communication is the main thing in the agile team. Join Bdd with Cucumber Online Course at SkillsIon to learn the concepts. It is one of the dominant tools that help in lessening the communication breakdown. 

Cucumber BDD not only executes the automation testing from backend to frontend, but it is also the real communication layer for the top robust testing framework. Using Cucumber for Web UI and Web services testing in Agile software projects would be beneficial. 

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